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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Ryan Adams: It was quite a challenge! You know, we had the VHS… you know, it’s interesting. I mean, thank god we have the technology that we have now, because we were able to ingest that VHS that Mike and Denise found from the writer [Melinda Snodgrass] and basically input it into a software system, and it would go through and tell us, OK – these are all the pieces that we have already from the HD mastering of the episode, but here are all the pieces you’ve got to find that don’t exist on that HD remastered episode. And we would go back to the film and have to search through. I mean, not us personally, but we had a wonderful team that would search through and find and eyeball every single shot until we were able to literally piece it back together like the VHS.
Pretty sure Mr. Adams is mistaken here. The iConform process HTV (Illuminate Hollywood) is using specifically eliminates the need for eyematching shots. It's an automated process. As David Grant states elsewhere in the interview, they are scanning ALL the negatives, so the iConform software is fingerprinting each and every shot (using vectorscope signals probably) based on the video masters that are inputted into the system. It then identifies the exact takes from the scanned negatives. You can read more here:


Otherwise, great, great interview! I'm really loving these.
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