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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Thanks for pointing that out. Though, I suspect that the actual running time of the extended "Measure" is exactly what the BBFC states -- that is, 57:31 -- even though they have that proviso about a 4% PAL speedup at the bottom of the page. The reason I think this is because the Star Trek: TNG Blu-ray's are the same 24fps everywhere in the world... so PAL speed isn't an issue.

So it's almost exactly 12 minutes longer than the broadcast version. I'm sure the "hybrid extended cut" is longer, however.
Interesting. The movies usually ARE sped up by 4%--wonder why the TV show is not.
With bluray there is no PAL or NTSC any more. Because the format supports multiple frame rates in all regions, there is no need for any speed up, in most cases the tv show or movie can be presented in its original format (as long as the TV supports it).

I see, but for releases that are on both formats such as the 2009 TOS movie re-releases they listed times that did indicate a speed-up.
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