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Maneuvering in the Z-Axis...

It has pained me so much when I watch old Star Trek episodes that, not once, does Kirk ever try and go over or under something! Does Starfleet not teach 3-dimensional warfare?

It's actually not just Kirk. Klingons, Romulans, and the like only seem to feel the need to maneuver on the x- and y-axis, neglecting the fact that they can go up and down. If there are any Asimov diehards out there, we know that one of Bel Riose's greatest victories was literally attacking from under a planet!

Yes, yes, I've watched The Wrath of Khan too, don't worry. But, my question is, is there any point in TOS where Kirk (or anybody else) does a combat maneuver on the Z-axis?

("Maneuver, by Jupiter!" "We can't! The Gauls are in the way!")
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