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Re: Would Nemesis have been better if Jonathan Frakes had directed?

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Probably not. Sadly, all of the TNG movies were subpar and had glaring holes in them. The producers should have just made a Season 8 and concluded the series with a 3- or 4-part finale, instead of those crappy movies.

well I liked both Generations and FC, but even if I had been disappointed in both, I think a TNG season 8 would have been a very bad idea. TNG was clearly running out of gas by the end of the show run. Folks tend to forget this because of the well-received AGT, but season 7 was one of the worst of the entire series.
Yes, but it was weak because they knew they were heading into a movie series and they wanted to do nothing that would impact their options.

Unlike DS9 which they knew was NOT going to the movies-so they went for broke--killing characters left and right and wrapping up storylines.

Imagine a TNG season 8 where they just bet the house on some ideas they had been reluctant to use during the ongoing run.
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