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Re: J.J. Abrams Reveals Scenes of Star Trek Into Darkness

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I like to think things, too.

Honestly, I bet for a lot of people that clip of Conan was the first they've even heard of a new Star Trek movie.
Well, then those are the people that fall into the "I'll care about it when it comes out" camp, rather than the "I'm eagerly awaiting it" camp.

That first type of Star Trek audience member only needs to know general details about it a few days (at the most) before it comes out. Having prior knowledge of the film 6 months before the release date will probably not make them any more likely to want to see it.

Many people go to movies simply for light entertainment -- i.e., just to go to the movies. Those people generally don't track what movies are coming out when. They are more apt to discover what's playing on the same day they decide they may want to see a movie...

Friend #1: What do you want to do this weekend?
Friend #2: Let's go see a movie.
Friend #1: That sounds like a plan. What's playing?
Friend #2: I don't know. Let me look.
(checks smartphone)
Friend #2: It says the new Star Trek movie is playing.
Friend #1: That sounds good. I saw the commercial for it on TV last week, and it looked pretty cool.
Friend #2: Yeah -- the last Star Trek movie that came out a couple years ago was fun.
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