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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Right. Nolan's Batman invokes a level of realism that doesn't work as soon as you involve actual super-powers.
Wellllll... yeah, if it's the kind of "realism" where a microwave weapon can instantly vaporize all the water within several blocks without affecting the water inside human bodies, or where a steel cable can make a whole huge truck flip over instead of simply snapping, or where a broken spine can be cured with a punch in the back and a few days of suspension bondage, or where a guy who has to wear a gas mask at all times to avoid unbearable pain is somehow still able to eat, or where a blatantly fraudulent sale of Bruce Wayne's assets can't be halted in any way, or...
That's why I said "a level of realism" rather than just plain calling it "realistic", which it's not.

We just saw a Batman whose accumulated physical injuries were so severe that he couldn't continue in his job. That's a very human level of realism that wouldn't translate very well when you're dealing with people who are superhuman.

To put him and Superman on the same level, they'd have to at least explain why the latter isn't flabby and doesn't have a gut-- because relative to his own level of strength, he barely exercises. I'm sure you're familiar with the argument.
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