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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Nolan's Batman invokes a level of realism that doesn't work as soon as you involve actual super-powers.
I don't buy that.

Nolan stepped outside any pretense of realism no later than when Batman activated the cloaking mechanism of the Batmobile in BB. The precise effect of the blue flower in its specificity wasn't exactly devoid of the fantastic, either.

The cellphone sonar network was more of a conceit than something believable. In a realistic world, the Joker would have taken one between the eyes as soon as he made the pencil disappear, but he was protected by his aura of badass-ness. Such exaggerations penetrating into the fantastic are quintessential elements in a story of super-heroes and arch-villains.

Naturally, Two-Face required a suspension of disbelief. Not that I'm sorry for even one of the frames he was in.

Then we have the Batplane.

The illusion of realism in the Nolan trilogy was just a prop, skillfully utilized to be sure, but never once did I believe that I was watching anything intended to happen in anything like the real world.

I actually think that, in the hands of a master, Superman would benefit from being presented with a similar illusion of realism. Recall, the tagline of the 1978 film was, "You'll Believe a Man Can Fly!" While naturally the new film remains to be seen, certainly the flight scene in the MoS trailer, arms at his side, suggests a contemporary take of such a realistic approach.
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