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Re: Captain Sisko in First Contact

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No. FC was TNG movie, and having Sisko there would have taken away from the TNG cast.
No, it wouldn't take anything away from the Next Generation cast. If he had been in the movie only as long as that nameless helmsman it would have been fine. What didn't make sense was having Worf be the only recognizable person on Defiant's bridge. It doesn't ring true that Sisko would send the Defiant out to fight the Borg while he stays home whipping up some jumbalaya.
We have no idea what Sisko and Co. were up to when the Defiant was engaged in battle. I'm fairly certain that for a good chunk of the show, Worf is technically the commander of the Defiant, not Sisko. It's possible Worf had the ship out on another mission when he was called into the fight.

If FC had been a Star Trek mini-series or something spanning multiple episodes, I could see bringing in characters like Sisko to flesh out the story. But for a single film, adding Sisko (a character that many TNG fans might not even know about) would have just overcomplicated things.
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