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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Right. Nolan's Batman invokes a level of realism that doesn't work as soon as you involve actual super-powers.
Wellllll... yeah, if it's the kind of "realism" where a microwave weapon can instantly vaporize all the water within several blocks without affecting the water inside human bodies, or where a steel cable can make a whole huge truck flip over instead of simply snapping, or where a broken spine can be cured with a punch in the back and a few days of suspension bondage, or where a guy who has to wear a gas mask at all times to avoid unbearable pain is somehow still able to eat, or where a blatantly fraudulent sale of Bruce Wayne's assets can't be halted in any way, or...

I'd also point out that Batman: The Animated Series had a relatively realistic approach in its original run -- there was some fanciful weird science like genetic transformation and sapient AIs and time acceleration, but no magic or aliens or the like (Zatanna was portrayed as simply a stage magician) -- but then once Batman coexisted with Superman in the later series, things got more fanciful and Batman dealt with the likes of Etrigan the Demon and Klarion the Witch-Boy -- and then became part of the Justice League, which dealt with aliens and magic and demons and the like on a regular basis. So a universe that starts out relatively grounded can get more fanciful.
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