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Audio books

I brought this topic up probably ten years ago. I'm going back to the well again.

What is the deal with the lack of Star Trek audio books? And why is that the few that we get are for the most part abridged?

I used to get answers that ST didn't get many audio books because there wasn't a strong enough market for it. I never understood that. I didn't necessarily think ST audio books would make it on the best seller's list, but I felt that there was a big enough fanbase to make a profit in the end.

A decade later and I feel even stronger about this even if the demand for Trek has decreased. With companies like Audible leading the way, the audio book market has exploded. In part this is the case because the technology is better. We now have audio devices (MP3s, IPods, smart phones, etc.) that can store countless hours of audio enjoyment; and even better we don't have to rewind/forward or switch out cassette tapes to hear this audio enjoyment. We don't need CDs either thanks to digital/audio downloads which saves not only the consumers money but saves money for the publishers as well. More to the point as a member of Audible for five years, I am often on its website and find myself amazed at countless obscure books that have an audio version. So many of these books surely don't sell as well as even a DS9 or a VOY novel, yet they have companion audio versions. What's more they have unabridged audio versions!

When will Pocket Books go this route with Star Trek? I'm happy that the ST novels have been available for the Kindle and tablets from the start, but its audio division is very lacking. Star Trek is made for audiobooks IMO because the best audio books are those that add the right touch of audio backdrop sound effects here and there throughout the presentation. The bleeps and of futuristic computers, the humming of powerful engines, the sounds of nature of an alien planet. These are tailor-made advantages for Star Trek audio books that can enhance even further a terrific story (just as long a sit isn't overdone). Plus you have to take into consideration that a growing part of the book market is strictly going to audio for convenience sakes.

I realize that a few of the Star Trek Best Sellers may have an unabridged version that you can now get on Audible, but, alas they are only a few. And they are limited to Classic Trek and TNG. Why not more, if not all of them? Why not DS9 and VOY and ENT? You can put some of those DS9 "Season Eight" books out as unabridged audio presentations and I'm sure they will sell more than more obscure scifi/genre stuff that one can find at Audible and other audio providers. Is anyone at Pocket Books thinking about this? Is this a pipedream on my part?
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