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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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or a creature/person that seems peaceful is actually a killer in disguise,
They've done that a few times but usually there's an additional twist later.

At any rate, even when they do use cliches they're very good about hanging a lantern on it. A quote from a future episode....

John Crichton wrote:
God-like, do I hate god-like aliens! I'll trade a critter for a god-like alien, any day.
kirk55555 wrote: View Post
Its not ideal, but if it means saving me 40+ minutes of John pretending to want to marry a princess he doesn't care for, while aeryn is just getting messed with all leading up to John not marrying the princess anyway, then it would be worth it.
That's not how it goes, really. John never has any interest. The entire thing is political.
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