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Re: My Hard Drive is About to Crash- What Should I Do?

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Today I ran a disk defrag, virus scan, spyware scan, and an error checking scan on the hard drive. All came back without any probs. If my hard drive was really about to crash, wouldn't the disk defrag and / or error checking scan say there was a prob. Of course, in all honestly I don't understand everything that the screen says when it is running an error checking scan, but it didn't seem like there was a problem.

BTW, I haven't heard the weird clicking sound today, but I didn't have my computer on very long. And the clicking sound just comes every once and a while. 99% of the time, everything sounds normal. I'll probably go to the store tomorrow and try to buy some extra flash drives just in case!!

No, that won't help. Stop using your computer unless your next action is to back it up. Get a USB stick and start with most important files, move them fast. It could click and grind for a year, or could fail next time you try and boot up.

Feel free to screw around with scans as much as you like, but if you haven't backed everything up first, don't complain when you lose your data. You have the info you need, take care of it. Worst case, it doesn't fail soon, and you've lost nothing. More likely, you're going to be running a spyware scan for no reason and lose all your data because you were spinning the drive for no good reason...
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