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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I used to think of Farscape as the anti-Voyager. Whereas Voyager tended to play things safe and strive for a certain comforting consistency, Farscape was all over the place, being wild and wacky. Once and a while, they'd come up with something that didn't quite work, but things were always popping.
I actually enjoyed Voyager a lot (definately more than the average Star Trek fan seems to), and I can see what you mean. Farscape does have a tendency to be wacky, which isn't neccesarily a bad thing. Out of Their Minds was wacky, but it was very entertaining. Not counting Chiana episodes, the episodes that really annoy me are the ones that are just cliches that have been done to death, like a guy arriving on an earth that wasn't like his and was actually created by aliens, or a guy wants to live in a "paradise" without technology or worries, or a creature/person that seems peaceful is actually a killer in disguise, or a guy has to propose/marry someone he doesn't love for stupid reasons instead of the person he actually loves, etc. They've been done in shows from every genre, and Farscape doesn't even seem to try to put any new twist on the ideas. Cliches aren't always bad, if they bring something interesting to the table. I can't say if the Princess episodes do anything to be more than a cliche, but Farscape's track record with its really cliched episodes isn't good (although, to be fair, Born to Be Wild was decent, but nothing special).

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As for B5, yeah, I won't be reading any synopsis. It seems like the kind of show that could get ruined with synopsis.
The Lurker's Guide is a good resource for B5, since it's written as if you have only seen through the episode you are reading about so far.
Yeah, I've checked it out before (for episodes I've already watched) and it is pretty cool.
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