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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Which just smacks me of lazy writing - I mean, she was a pretty decent "Grey" hat hero. Not entirely shining pinnacle of goodness, but not super villaness either. AvsX really a horrible storyline - basically with the intention that "Avengers=Good, X-Men=Not so good." I mean since when have the Avengers even encountered a Phoenix, heck Rachel Grey wandered around England as the Phoenix for years! No Avengers got in her face then. Even WITH all that reality warping stuff that happened in those Excalibur comics too! You think they'd start going "well gee maybe all that weird shit in England is because they had a Phoenix with them."

I also think it's pretty crappy how Rachel was more or less ignored thoughout this whole thing - she was a Phoenix for a goodly part of the late 80s-90s and even had a whole frickin' Shi Ar attack squad after her! Killed the entire Gray family in one strike! And the Avengers didn't get involved...

I'm STILL looking forward to Marvel NOW - I do like that finally they're kind of mainstreaming the mutants - but I still feel like Emma, Scott and Namor and especially the Rasputins have gotten shafted pretty horribly. Scott was right. Cap was wrong OR at least maybe not 'wrong' in that he over-reacted.
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