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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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137th posted:
It was a wise move. Mixing business and family in the best of times and in a legitimate business is difficult and problematic enough.
Ditch Clay he is useless. Does he even have a critical role within the club.
He's Piney 2.0, playing the main antagonist to the President. I wouldn't write him off just yet. He seems to be slowly recovering and still has a few claws left.

In Jax's business it can be very deadly and used against him, particularly now since he's now interacting with an adversary who is known to turn family members into charcoal to prove a point.
Much more likely to hurt the kids or his wife.
Yep. That was one of the great things about the movie "Heat", when DeNiro's character said that one of the first rules in the business is to never get too attached to something or someone that you couldn't cut loose if the heat was right around the corner. Also why Kaiser Sose's solution to his family being held hostage in "Usual Suspects" was so powerful and shocking, showing "these men of will what 'will' really was".

I have a strong suspicion Jax may be put in a similar predicament before the series is over.
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