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Re: Lincoln Full Trailer

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Interesting that they went with the more historically-accurate higher pitch for Lincoln's voice.

Also, Tommy Lee Jones' historically-accurate horrible haircut.
I have to admit that's one thing I'm unsure about regarding the trailer. I don't doubt that DDL is an excellent choice to play Lincoln, but for some reason the voice just seems off to me. I guess I always imagined he had a relatively deep voice.
Probably for the same reason I did - he was played SUPREMELY well by Gregory Peck in "The Blue and the Gray", Robert Barron in (already mentioned) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and in Trek TOS' "Savage Curtain" by Lee Bergere, all of whom had relatively deep voices.

I'm curious to see if Sally Field will play Mary Todd Lincoln as the completely batshit crazy woman some accounts painted her as. Some say she positively tortured the man, psychologically - bordering on what we would consider spousal abuse.
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