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Re: Glee - Season Four

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Let's see if I've got this right ... Will and Emma broke up because he took a job that she encouraged him to get, invited her along, and she didn't want to go? Why are they breaking up again? After everything they went through to get together, THAT is what breaks them up? Not buying it.
Uhm.. i think you misunderstood. They didn't break up.. they just had a fight (and if everyone breaks up after fight there wouldn't be any long lasting couples at all).

Kurt and Blaine are on the rocks.. as Blaine said he's got no idea if they broke up or not.

The only couples that really broke up and i think they did it for the right seasons. Like Finn or not he really was an ass.. he's got a good girl and he basically vanishes for months at a time.. enough time for her to realize that while she loves him it's no way to be treated.

And Santana realized that long distance relationships rarely work.. i've been in one and no matter how much you love the other one that distance is really putting on pressure. So she did the hard choice and ended it before it hurt even more.

Songwise it was quite a good episode.. the ratio of pop songs was a bit high but especially the last number was really good. While Glee lost much of its sparkle season 4 so far proves indeed watchable.

But what's up with the 4 week break? You don't do such a big break so soon after the season has started!
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