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Re: "Nor the Battle to the Strong"...

It is a good episode that falls short of being great.

It could have been better. If the episode had concentrated even more on Bashir and Jake and taken away most of the scenes with Sisko worrying about his son (which led to another Sisko hugging Jake and kissing him on the head during their reunion). And while I applaud the decision to make Jake run away from the situation (it is more realistic), I think Jake owning up to his cowardness was not enough. He should have lived with the shame of it more even if rationally speaking he didn't do anything wrong. It would have been a nice followup if TPTB had mentioned that a main reason for his decision to stay aboard DS9 during "Call To Arms" was that he wanted to try to make ammends from running away from danger During "Nor the Battle...". Last of all the episode needed to be more gritty. The war stuff on that planet looked a little too clean for my tastes.
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