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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I get what you mean Sindatur. I actually try to not fast forward too much through sections of episodes that aren't great (Chiana heavy parts being the exception, she has no redeeming features and her sections are almost never important to the plot of the episode, so I don't think I lose anything by skipping scenes where she is the focus). If the episode is mostly about Chiana, like Taking the stone, I just skip it completely (its also why I plan to skip "Beware of Dog"). TTS is the only episode I've completely skipped, although I heavily Fast forwarded through A Human Reaction after he arrived on obviously fake earth, and I only watched 10 minutes of Jeremiah Chrichton before turning it off.

I actually was planning to watch the first Princess episode today, I turned it on and watched a bit of it then Chiana starting getting annoying with chrichton, so I turned it off to watch it later. Then I looked on wikipedia and read the synopsis, and decided I should probably skip it, especially since the very beginning (to be fair, it was only about the first 2 minutes) was annoying me already, and that, combined with the cliche premise, made it seem like an unwatchable episode. I might just skip the first part, and see if the story evolves into something better in Part 2/3, by which point I'm guessing they abandon the "John is going to marry a princess" thing.

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You really shouldn't prejudice yourself like this. It's honestly best to just take the episodes as they come. If they're bad, then that's part of the experience. If there are too many bad ones in a row, well then it's time to find another show. Personally I have a "three strikes and out" rule. That is to say if I'm watching a new show and there are three episodes in a row that I don't enjoy, then bye-bye new show. I know some people don't even wait that long, but I like to give things a chance to improve. It's served me OK over the years, though some shows just barely squeaked through at times.

Anyway, yeah I seriously urge you to refrain from reading even a synopsis of upcoming B5 episodes because you *will* be spoiled. Big time.
I don't really go with a strikes rule, sometimes great shows just have a bad stretch. I like Farscape too much to just drop it. Maybe if it gets a stretch of 10+ horrible episodes I'll consider it, but I don't think it will come to that. It seems like whenever I start to lose faith in the series, it has an episode that reminds me why I enjoy it.

As for B5, yeah, I won't be reading any synopsis. It seems like the kind of show that could get ruined with synopsis. I'm always very careful, since I got a HUGE spoiler for Battlestar Galactica just by looking up

After that, I've been much more careful with wikipedia
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