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Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

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Okay, I'll bite . . . again.

1. Khan.
2. "The one with the whales."
3. The Undiscovered Country
4. Star Trek (2009)
5. First Contact
6. The Search for Spock
7. Generations
8. ST: TMP
9. Insurrection
10. Nemesis
11. The Final Frontier

Those bottom ratings are a little iffy, just because I haven't watched any of them for so long. Heck, I think I've only seen NEMESIS and INSURRECTION once each. I have them both on DVD, but have never been motivated to watch them again!
Wierd, but if I had to answer it, it would be this in reverse order. I find Khan the most unwatchable for some reason and even slower than TMP which was more full of ideas and possibilities than the one note fluffy revenge motif. Insurrection was a beautiful movie I'll gladly see again. I liked the Picard singing to Data scene. Nemesis was cool and creepy. The Final Frontier was the God Thing told in reverse where Shatner was the god kind of thing. Generations wasn't bad. It had ideas.
Trek 2009 was craptacular - an excellent example of well written crap.
And that's what makes it a horse race. I doubt any two fans would agree completely on what the best Trek movies are.
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