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Re: Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? article

Personally; I think a new Star Trek would do great; if they did it right.

The article brought it up; that a show can flop before it starts if the writting staff doesn't have it together. I for one, was really looking forward to Enterprise; but quickly lost interest when they introduced the new specieces which we had never heard of before, and the temporal cold war.

I tried to continue to watch it, but honestly, when they brought in the whole Xindi thing, and the attack on earth I had, had enough. There was more than enough history from the previous shows to build on,they could and should of used the Romulans as the bad guys instead of creating an entire new bad guy. But instead of treating it as a spin off, they treated the show as its own show, which totally ruined it for me, and I suspect millions others, who would of watched it.

I may not be in the entertainment business; but when you have really good ratings at first, then the ratings decline; it means you're doing something wrong, that a lot of people were interested in the concept, but you failed on delivery.

In my humble opinion, this combined with over saturation of Star Trek at the time; is why the series failed.

We've now been several years without a Star Trek show; and I suspect, many Trek lovers, would watch a new one, if they brought one back. Not to mention, you'd have a bunch of folks who used to watch trek, who would now be sitting down with their kids to watch it. (I got hooked, watching reruns of TOS with my dad).

So, honestly; if they put forward a good show, with a good plot, and didn't try to convey some goofy message that most poeple don't want to hear, (i.e. the Federation has to be the good guys, and willing to beat up the bad guys); then I suspect it would do far better than they think it would do. I also suspect, that once the writters got involved, they would screw it up; thereby tanking the show, and causing it to fail.
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