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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

Loving the show. The tension and character interactions are all working for me without being too contrived. The SEAL sniper is flirting with cliche, though.

The only thing I didn't like initially about the pilot was the geek girl rattling off technical specs on submarines and other weapons platforms to her boyfriend and random thumb-heads at bars. If she truly is "in-the-know", she wouldn't be spouting a lot of that stuff, especially in mixed company, as it could easily waft into classified-land when it comes to capabilities. I understand it was pure exposition for the audience who didn't have the first clue what a lot of the jargon meant - it just seemed a little abrupt and ham-handed to me. She seemed a lot more subdued in the 2nd ep, and not a very big player (at least, at present) and, ergo, more tolerable.

I have to laugh - once the pilot got rolling and I saw Bruce Davison as Admiral Shepard, the first thing that went through my mind is "he's GOT to be in on the conspiracy". Then once geek girl confronted him and realized he didn't have a clue what was going on, I then thought, shit, this poor guy has played insufferable ass-hats for so long in his career, I can't even look at him without thinking he's typecast as a part of the black-hat crew. I'm hoping he becomes firmly ensconced on the good-guy side for a change, particularly when his daughter was recalling something he taught her about leading an honorable life (dialog escapes me).

And Russians. Good to see them back as a potential adversary, muddying the mix as a third party, clearly interested in acquiring Colorado's cloaking device (yeah, call it what it is ).

So, overall, definitely room for improvement, but pretty off to a pretty good start for a season-one show.
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