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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Her weird movements weren't a huge deal. If her character was entertaining and didn't make me want to smash my TV, I probably wouldn't even think about it. At this point, its just one more annoying trait of a character I really hate.

Also, the next farscape episodes I have to watch are Look at the Princess Parts 1-3. I'm dreading these episodes, I may just skip them. The premise is really bad, according to wikipedia John has to marry a princess to escape scorpius. Now, he's obviously not going to end up getting married, and its just to cause problems for John and aeryn for a few episodes. It just seems like a waste of almost 3 hours of my life. Then, the next two episodes after that are a Chiana episode (Beware of Dog) and Won't Get Fooled Again, an episode that seems to be in the same vein as A Human Reaction, which I hated. So, I might just skip to The Locket.

Still, 5 episodes is a lot to skip. I'm definately going to be skipping Beware of Dog, and I'm fairly sure I'll be skipping Won't Get fooled Again, but I'm wondering if there is any real reason to watch the Look At the Princess episodes? I mean real reasons, like things that effect the rest of the season/series/
If you're not even interested in the Princess Trilogy, I don't think this show is for you, I think you're just going to get more and more miserable.

First Human Reaction you couldn't stomach, and now the Princess Trilogy, you're not going to get any of the Arc setup introductions at this rate.
Well, I don't know if I'd dislike the princess episodes, just that the premise is really stupid and unoriginal. I don't see how it has any appeal at all, the story has been done to death. I don't think it could be more cliche if the writers had tried. I still like the main plot of the show, the main characters (besides Chiana, obviously), and other things.

At this point, I still think it can be a decent show, reguardless of Chiana or the fact that the bad episodes are becoming more common. When Farscape is good, I really like it. When its bad, its horrible. I'm willing to keep watching it because when its good, it is very enjoyable, and I really like most of the characters, and I want to see what happens to them. If that means I have to deal with Chiana and the show being very hit or miss, I'll deal with it.

Its weird, I have never seen a show with such a hit or miss quality. Every show has bad episodes, but Farscape seems to be going through a rough patch where the good to bad ration is almost 50/50. I'm just hoping that more good episodes start happening, and that the show decides that it doesn't need to do every cliche in existence.
Personally, I think The Princess Trilogy is where the show gets consistently good, and there are very few episodes from here on out that aren't good. But, some of the episodes you haven't liked, I have so, we're starting from a different pallet. Heck, I just finished Earth Final Conflict, and I enjoyed most of it, most of the way through, and there's tons of folks who think it fell apart anywhere from S2 - S4, and almost universally folks think it had definitely fallen apart by S5.

Regarding cliches, yes, absolutely Farscape thrives on cliches, but, it thrives on peeing on the cliches, taking a cliche and turning it on it's head. You won't be able to see that though, by arbitrarily skipping episodes because some write up on it sounds cliche, or fast forwarding through the Chiana parts or the parts that you don't like

I know earlier in the thread, you were piled on pretty hard, and I don't mean to tell you what you should like, and I'm not trying to cal you out for not liking something.
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