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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

Kind of, yeah.

The trouble with making Westerns colorful and zany-looking is that the actual look of the era is far more conducive to grim and serious stuff, a la True Grit, than POTC-style madcappery. After all, isn't Lone Ranger pretty much a Zorro ripoff, sans the Romance of swordplay, and the vibrant colors of Latin culture? The Mask of Zorro had a realistic art design, but the hacienda scenes were still plenty lively.

One could always go back to the woozy, psychedelic Western color schemes of the '50s (like how Doc dressed up Marty), but that'd take some serious brass, and probably a strong metatextual vibe to boot. They're obviously not going for that approach here...
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