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Re: "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film

Status Update!

Just getting back to Toronto from my 2 week stay in LA. Met with Stan Woo, and received all of the original footage needed to begin editing the film. A 2nd trailer will be cut this month using the cleaned up materials. Still a fair bit of work to do before we post the film, but realistically, it looks like it will be done in the next 12 to 16 months.

A 3rd Klingon scene is being filmed this November in Vancouver. The short scenes that take place on the Yorktown bridge (at the beginning and end of the film) still need to be filmed to complete the movie, and there is still discussion as to whether this will be done using green screen, or a pre-existing bridge set. Some of the ADR in the film for the secondary characters needs to be re-recorded, and we may need to use new actors in order to get that done.

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