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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

@ Albertese

I apologize, I was referring to the age figure provided by the Making of Star Trek. Anyway, it doesn't have to do that much with this thread so feel free to ignore it.

@ Mytran

Fascinating close-up shot, thanks for going through the hazzle of relocating it. But hold on, something is odd. I just wanted to figure out whether it's port or starboard side and looked again at the genuine b&w shuttlebay model shots from that other BBS thread - it appears that close-up shot is not from the original model but a (shorter) recreation of it.

And according to Richard Datin's website neither "Warning Fire" nor "Elevators" seem to be among those labels he suggests to belong to the flight deck:
"Equipment Hatch" - "Explosive Bolt Access" - "Tail Light & Electrical Equipment Access" (definitely flight deck) et cetera. Is that the "tail light" or do you prefer "ion pod"? (if Enterprise had an ion pod on the port and starboard side, one should wonder how Kirk knew prior to "Court-Martial" which of the two he'd be jettisoning:

(But the one that really caught my attention is "Inspection Door Vent Systems Connections" - that's the labeling on the underside of the saucer (compare Mytran's picture post early on in this thread) and the only one Doug Drexler was able to (still?) find on the Enterprise model when he was doing his Smithsonian Report for the Star Trek posterbook back in the 70's. Could it be that "Explosive Bolt Access" had been a label on the surface of the original model?)

@ Timo

I don't think your equation (elevator = turbolift) is correct. What Admiral Kirk is using in the first two films in the engineering section (and Picard in the TNG pilot) also is an elevator but definitely not a turbolift.

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