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Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

OK; so I’m new to the board, and sure something along these lines have been posted at least half a dozen times before; but tossing it out anyway.

Why does a Klingon Bird of Prey wings fold?

More importantly; I was recently reading something that Rodenberry had wrote down about warp nacelle placement, and that they had to be above or below the main ship, and be able to see each other. This seeing each other concept, is why the Romulan Warbird has the huge space in the middle. I understand that the Federation warp tech, and other civilizations warp tech may not work the same; but on other Klingon vessels the nacelles are visible, much like the Federation ones.

This whole thing got me to thinking; that perhaps the Klingon Bird of Prey’s wings folding, are actually folding the wrong way.

Since it is a smaller ship, perhaps the warp nacelles wouldn’t need to take up as much volume, and therefore could be placed inside the wings; the wings would then fold down for warp travel, placing the nacelles below the ship, and in view of each other. Midway then for combat, since having them straight out would provide maneuvering thrusters a greater ability to roll the ship; and finally up for surface landing.

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