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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Her weird movements weren't a huge deal. If her character was entertaining and didn't make me want to smash my TV, I probably wouldn't even think about it. At this point, its just one more annoying trait of a character I really hate.

Also, the next farscape episodes I have to watch are Look at the Princess Parts 1-3. I'm dreading these episodes, I may just skip them. The premise is really bad, according to wikipedia John has to marry a princess to escape scorpius. Now, he's obviously not going to end up getting married, and its just to cause problems for John and aeryn for a few episodes. It just seems like a waste of almost 3 hours of my life. Then, the next two episodes after that are a Chiana episode (Beware of Dog) and Won't Get Fooled Again, an episode that seems to be in the same vein as A Human Reaction, which I hated. So, I might just skip to The Locket.

Still, 5 episodes is a lot to skip. I'm definately going to be skipping Beware of Dog, and I'm fairly sure I'll be skipping Won't Get fooled Again, but I'm wondering if there is any real reason to watch the Look At the Princess episodes? I mean real reasons, like things that effect the rest of the season/series/
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