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Gary, I'm afraid I agree with tsq here. I know you're trying to be nice, but the way you put that comes across as insulting and more than a little creepy.
Um... have you known anybody with facial piercings that got infections from them? I have. It can cause scarring. She's obviously young and I was just cautioning about being careful, that's all. I can't see how that would be more than a little creepy. As for aesthetics, I've seen some women put one small piercing on as an accent, but rarely this many. I think she's beautiful without them and expressed my opinion. If people think she's beautiful with the piercings that's there prerogative and I won't deride it.
Criticizing others for "deriding you for your prerogative" while yourself deriding someone else's prerogative about their appearance with your unsolicited critique (not to mention deriding the opinion of the person you're quoting with the roll-eyes) takes a special lack of self-awareness.

You're not judging a movie, song, or TV show here, you're judging someone's appearance who you will interact with on the board, so the "It's just my opinion" excuse doesn't fly. You need to have some tact.

I don't know anyone who gets extensive piercings who is not aware of the potential issues relating to them, so your advice was completely unnecessary as well.

Since you didn't take the hint from the mod the first time, I'll flat out tell you to drop the issue from here on out, since I'm sure this is not the kind of discussion laika wanted to hear after she posted her picture. If you want to continue to complain, take it to my PM box.
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