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Re: Captain Sisko in First Contact

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Contractually, Michael Dorn was guaranteed that signing a contract with DS9 would not preclude him from doing TNG movies. Conversely, Avery Brooks was resistant to doing stuff beyond the actual TV series - still rarely does conventions and refused to participate in the "Making of DS9" video that came out after Season Two, or even grant permission for his image to be used in it. Colm Meaney had became a bigger-ticket movie star (beyond his TV contract), so he would have been expensive to use in "First Contact", too.
Colm Meaney is not that big a movie star, and we're talking about little more than a cameo appearance. Meaney seems a good guy and one who was always willing to do what the producers asked of him, such as appearing in the TNG finale. I can't imagine he would have held them up for some huge some of money for a day or two's work on the movie. Plus, he could more reasonably disappear into the background than someone like Sisko.

I think the real area the film is lacking, as was hinted at upthread, though, is in the absence of Guinan. Guinan had an extremely personal connection to both Picard and the Borg. Her emotional arc with the Borg goes all the way back to their original appearance in "Q, Who?" and includes very important roles in "Best of Both Worlds" and "I, Borg." I think she would have been a much better, and more logical, fit to be the one counseling Picard than Lily. And Whoop Goldberg has indicated that she would have been willing to do the film and, in fact, was confused at how they could exclude Guinan from that particular story.
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