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Re: Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? article

CBS is not going to allow Star Trek to be done cheap. It would be smarter to so nothing than to denigrate the brand to make what will amount to chicken feed anyway.

I'm sure there's an audience for crappy looking space shows, but its not enough for CBS to bother with. If that's what you want, there are fan productions on the internet now. And TOS was not a cheaply made show. It was expensive for its time, and looked it.

The only smart move for CBS, besides doing nothing, is to spend the money needed for a first-rate show. The problem is, does a channel exist where can they recoup their investment for that show?

Since CBS owns the franchise, there is nobody with the authority to "take it away" from them. If CBS wants to partner with Netflix, fine, but that would be their decision,
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