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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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They made a Green Lantern movie that doesn't particularly lend itself to a shared universe.
Why would you say that? The whole reason they included Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller -- a character who has no particular connection to the GL mythos -- was, or so I understood it, with the hope of using her as the DC/WB equivalent of Jackson's Nick Fury, a recurring character to anchor a shared movie universe. But those plans for a shared universe fell apart due to GL's underperformance at the box office and with critics. (Although I still think that GL would be far more acclaimed if it had come out, say, 7-8 years earlier and the only competition had been things like Catwoman and Elektra. It wasn't an awful movie, it just suffered from coming out in a summer that featured three fantastic superhero movies from Marvel.)

And they made three Batman movies whose nature utterly divorces the character from other superheroes.
The first of which came out before the idea of a crossover superhero movie universe was seriously pursued by anyone, so that doesn't really prove anything.
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