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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'll give a critique:

Lose the beam bank in the front. Swap for Dual Heavy Cannons.


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In the back, dump the beam array and the 2nd (cluster?) torpedo. Keep the Har'pengh, it's a decent one to deal damage with as you're turning around/running away. Replace those with 2 turrets. that gets you another 120x2 DPS facing forward, and minimal from the sides/rear as you turn, lets you concentrate your fire into bigger hits.
Problem is that turrets don't do much damage and I need strong anti fighter capability in form of a beam that has wide arc, playing loads of starabse 24 missions.

Breen Cluster mine thing is very effective more powerful than quantum mine dispenser and punishes anyone that comes even near my arse, lol.

So behind will remain as it is for now, sorry but my experience with turrets at the back is at best lackluster.

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For devices, I've got a random turret to drop, and then the Subspace Field Modulator (from an early Dividian mission, Skirmish I think?). Nets you nice defense for a minute, lets you hide or take a few more hits.

For Consoles:

Engineering: lose the cloak. Honestly don't think it's worth the slot, doesn't do much for me. I bought a subspace jumper off the exchange cheap, like that one. Instantly transports you behind your target, so nice way to break contact, or in a STF, avoid the giant super-kill torpedo coming to 1-shot you to death. Electro-ceramic is my other console, does Plasma and Tetryon as it's focus, and I do mainly STF, so the Borg are using all Plasma, so obvious there. Just gear the plating towards who you intend to fight. The broad spectrum ones aren't as good, but cover more.

Science: I've got the Borg Assimulated Module here, sci powers are the weakest of the group. You've got 3 Eng slots, though, maybe put it there for you. Other than that, as many Field Generators as you can put on, that's the best sci console. +17.5% shield capacity per thing. Rest are pointless compared to that.
I see, I guess i'll need to do that mission and get that console and look for that jumper thing as well.

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Tac - Too much wasted here. You've got 1 phaser relay, go get more, at least 1 more. If you keep the borg device here (you shouldn't, dps is king in this game), you can only use a couple. I use the quantum zero point module to focus the quantum torp in the front, and the rest would all be phaser relays, as big and rare as you can find/afford. Don't do the +all cannon console, use the bigger boost the phaser-only one gets you.
well right now I have consoles that are over year old, I mean this is what I had way back than when I started, nothing changed since, reason why I asked if this set up can be improved on.

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Only other thing is that i'm in all Anti-Proton gear for the borg, but no harm in using phasers. Just pick something more specific, and then only use stuff geared JUST for that. Your Tac consoles should really just boost your all-cannon lineup, and then one for the torpedo.
yep it does magic against the cube in infection, the cure... Problem is that you have to align your ship so that the firing arc faces the enemy and for this you need to get loads of practice, it'll take time for me but i'll mange, and reason why in the past I've used beam in front, but also cause this is how Defiant class is actually fitted in the TV series DS9.

This is my current stockpile of Borg Gear, from few missions that i've played, against the Borg, (played around 30-32v missions). Not sure what energy (green data chips) are for, if they hold any value at all, the fact i've got quite a few here, normally you get 4 of these if you win and complete bonuses on time, + salvage or if you're lucky a borg shield/deflector...

Anyways I might craft few consoles, problem is not sure if I can craft XII (I have 1750 + research points + Doffs) I wonder would I be able to craft XII ???

I think I have enough particles for quite a few consoles.

PS, just did few missions with extra heavy dual canon in front, and yes, ship tends to blow things much faster than when i had beam array, but i still need loads of practice to perfect my angle of attack.
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