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Re: Glee - Season Four

Splitting time like they are doing just doesn't work for me. It's not Glee. It's the Rachel show, and everyone else is coming along for a bit part. They were going to spin her off to her own show, and they should have, leaving everyone else to have actual characters.

Who is Eric? That's the boy Blaine cheated with. I'm surprised it wasn't Sebastian.

Let's see if I've got this right ... Will and Emma broke up because he took a job that she encouraged him to get, invited her along, and she didn't want to go? Why are they breaking up again? After everything they went through to get together, THAT is what breaks them up? Not buying it.

Bored with this Kitty, aka Quinn 2.0. She can go already.

The ONE thing Brit had left was Santana. Everything else - she claimed two weeks ago - had been taken from her. Friends, classes, Glee club, Cheerios, etc., so now Santana dumps her? I think they did the Brittany 2.0 episode too early. If they were going to put her in her "rock bottom" place, it would be after she lost everything including her gf. Now what are they going to do with her? She has nothing left.

She'll probably end up pining after Artie again.
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