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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

I got the distinct impression that for the past few years, most of the writers really really did not like Cyclops and kept finding ways to make him completely unsympathetic and unlikeable.

I honestly thought he was going to die in this one - I really did. Like they did so much character assassination to him that the "cyclops" we saw in those Marvel Now promos was some other mutant - after all there are "More Mutants" again.

But seeing that helmet he was wearing in that "jail" scene - maybe that helmet thingy he wears is like a lojack - they can shut down his powers if they want to.

The characters I really sort of feel bad for are Namor and Emma Frost - Emma spent over a decade as a 'hero' and it seems like everyone's head was stuck in the 80s when they write her - oh she HAS to be a villaness... that's when she was the bestest! I dunno, honestly I liked her as a reformed 'bad girl'. Now it just comes off as 'we only kept Emma heroic until Jean Grey or someone like her came back' - so all we had to do was change the hair color from red to blonde and we could recycle old ideas.

I really was hoping for Emma to take over things on Utopia - I really couldn't see her moving to the Jean Grey Institute - even though it had been stated repeatedly that she thought of herself as a teacher first and foremost "freedom fighter" was secondary.

Namor - well he's gone heroic and 'baddie" for a while - but its like fuck, those Atlaneans just can't catch a break.
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