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My Hard Drive is About to Crash- What Should I Do?

The last couple days, my computer has started to sporadically make weird clicking sounds. I Googled it and supposedly that is a sign that my hard drive is about to crash. Every web-site said there is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable crash of your hard drive and that you better back up all your material ASAP!

But, I live in Russia and donít want to buy any sort of physical hardware to back up my computerÖ mainly Ďcause a) it would be hard to make sure that I am buying the right thing if I try to buy it at the store since Iím not fluent in Russian and b) if I bought it on-line, Iíd be afraid that I wouldnít receive the package in time or maybe at all. Can anyone recommend some good on-line sites that I can use to back up all my stuff? Or can I ghost my computer via a web-site? Is it stupid to ghost a computer if the hard drive is already starting to fail???

Anyone think there is a chance that my computer will be able to make it to Christmas time when Iíll be back in the States and can buy a new computer?? I donít really like the idea of buying a computer here in Russia for the same reasons I already mentioned above. Does anyone have any helpful hints as to how I can nurse my computer until Christmas??? I normally have my computer on for over 6 hours each day. If I cut that back to an hour or two each day or if I donít turn on my computer every day, will that help??

By the way, my battery is practically completely dead. If my computer isnít plugged in, my computer will only last about 20 minutes until it runs out of juice. If I get a new battery, will that help anything??? Right now, Iím only using my computer when it is plugged in and my HP is dual voltage, so I donít need a converter to use it here in Russia.
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