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Most recent episode, that is, the second episode of the show:
*Between the wiz kid who developed the technology that pretty much defines the basis of Kiera's job and this week's scientist guy whose university experiment has the potental of time travel (and also, it's briefly stated, is research into faster than light potentialities) Vancouver is quite the scientific mecca so far. It's easy to see why the city is a kind of an implied focal point of the North American Union over in 2077.

*The dissenter in the group kind of has a point. If you're going to try and change the future by going back into the past, a time when corporations have significantly less power - rather than just a couple of years in the past, which seems to be the original plan the rest are sticking to - is just a better starting point for them.

*While the show hasn't really done anything with it, yet, I like the implied moral ambiguity. Corporations being malevolent organizations that curtail human liberties and act with amoral indifference is hardly a new idea, it's not even unusual in the very specific niche of Canadian science fiction televsion (it was a major plot of the earlier Canadian-South African series Charlie Jade). But the show has set up the generic evil corporations dystopia, and then has thrown all its sympathy on the side of one of a cop working essentially for that corporate agenda against the terrorists, who are our main villains so far. The show hasn't shown much promise that it's going to have particularly nuanced writing, but - assuming Kiera doesn't just Realize Corporations Are Bad But Terrorists Are Also Bad And I Will Find A Third Way - there's real potential here.

* Romantic triangle. Because. This felt like kind of the most extraneous bit of the episode; a character who would have otherwise existed just to give exposition at key moments in your usual cop show kind of way is also the third wheel of our romance spoke because uh... why not.
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