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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

We've been busy on so many fronts I really don't know where to begin on this update, so if it rambles a bit, bear with me.

1) Finished the artwork on "The Engineer's New Clothes." DVD Cover and Posters are now available, and we'll get them uploaded to the Potemkin site this weekend.

2) Working on the costuming for "Beach Towel," which will be filmed on October 20th. Sara Higgins MacKenzie is working on a jacket for Carter Winston (to be played by Keith Harris). Kim Landers is working on vests for our Klingon farmers which will appear in "Beach Towel" and "The Shovel of Kahless" (filming November 17th).

3) Have secured the facial appliances needed for "Beach Towel" and "The Shovel of Kahless." Makeup test this Sunday for our two primary Klingons for "Shovel." Should be fun.

4) Working on securing both locations for these two episodes. Both negotiations nearly finished.

5) Have received the first video tape of the shoot from "The Lucky One" which is set in our CGed Sickbay. Will be turning it over to Rick Foxx for editing when he returns from vacation.

6) Have finished stripping the appliques off the bridge. Going to look at using woodfiller and putty and bondo on it this weekend. Bridge set not needed until December, so we're on target for that.

7) Contacted local artist Sean Mulkey for his help in creating a special background for "Red Sky at Night," a really cool vignette from David Eversole. Sean and I will be going to Lowes on Monday to pickup the paint and brushes he wants. This will be spectacular when done. This episode will film when he's finished, probably in November or December, and will star William Searcy, Jeff Green and Pamela Robinson.

8) Secured three special facial appliances for an episode to be shot in the winter at Ocmulgee State Park in Georgia. We're going to capitalize on the alien-looking environment there.

9) Lastly, we're working on establishing an alternate location to download our vignettes/episodes. Stay tuned for more details.
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