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Re: Did we ever see anyone vote in the Federation?

You people will believe anything!

The Federation is a military-industrial complex run by Starfleet who in turn are puppets of the Organians. Federation citizens just think they are free!

What you think the Borg really exist and are going to invade the federation?


They have been doing it for generations, every so often Starfleet fakes an event to keep the population in line:

* V'ger incident - just a disguised Starship

* The Khan/Genesis incident - simply a frame-up, Khan was a peaceful settler, the federation made him and his family a dupe for their illegal testing of weapons of mass destruction.

So it's OK for the Federation to have weapons like the genesis bomb but not the Klingon Empire? give me a break, the Klingon empire is a peaceful place regards of the disinformation put out by the state controlled Federation News Service.

You really think that Kronos's moon simply blew up due to a mining accident? Look at the official records, there was a federation Starship nearby - and who was the Captain? Why it was Captain Sulu. Why is that important? Because he served with James T. Kirk who was involved in both the V'ger and Khan incidents. Bit of a 'coincidence' that he also happens to be in the area when the moon just 'blows up'.

I recommend you all read Unwarranted Influence: James T. Kirk and the Military-Industrial Complex (Icons of the Federation) by G'Rok.
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