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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just reminded myself, that I was never a big fan of stacking consoles.

I wouldn't mind if every consoel can only be placed once on every ship.

So that there would actually be a reason to decide on less popular consoles and have them benefit you.

One energy type specific console. One energy weapon type specific console. One kinetic type specific console for tactical.

That way Mic's tactical set up would actually be ideal.

A ship with more than 3 tactical console slots could then add in universal special consoles like the Borg console, or new console types like targeting sensors to enhance accuracy/higher crit chance or enhanced nadion emitters for higher crit damage.
The existing consoles boost regular damage already.

Then the same would apply to science, where everyone is stacking shield consoles atm. And granted outside of sci ships and carriers there are not many ships making good use of exitic powers which are enhanced by sci consoles and deflectors, so the best way to utilze those would be consoles that give resists to power drain, movement debuffs and system failures and buffs to heals. Not sure if there are specific consoles for that atm.

Also, for engineering it would not be possible to stack more than one type of armor.
I like that there are several options that offer high resist to very specialized energy types or low resist to more or all damage types.
So no 4x plasma resist anymore. Just 1 plasma resist, one all energy type and one all energy and all kinetic.
That should leave at least cruisers with at least one (2 if you got a fleet refit) open consoles for other stuff to enhance turn rate, energy flow, energy output, repair crews (hull regen) and whatever else engineering related buffs are there.

I think this was the original idea they had for all the different console types, which btw I would rename subsystems.

What counts as subsystems now isn't subsystems at all (Weapons, Shields, Engines, Aux), those are the MAIN systems.

And it should be very difficult to shut down main systems, because they are distributed throughout the whole ship.

However it shouldn't be that hard to disable a subsystem, that leaves you without that buff for a short period of time or until you repair it manually.

A main system can be shutoff for a short period of time if you disabled a subsystem with a critical hit which results in an energy surge overloading the main system or if you disable a sufficient number of subsystems at the same time.

This would mean, that the Target subsystems ability has to be changed a bit of course, as it should disable a random subsystem.
The game doesn't support manual targeting where you can try to hit a specific system by hitting a specific part of the ship, so that relativ position actually mattered in battle.
I would love to hit the torp launcher to not destroy it, but disable the torp guiding system (disabling the torp damage buff) if I notice that my enemy is taking me apart with his new llockbox OP Torpedo weapons.

If you want to be really complex, you could actually totally destroy a system by disabling every subsystem. That would mean there is no end to the debuff and the ship has to actually manually repair the system either with a corresponding power or a repair component.

Ok, this post wnet into a very unexpected direcion. Didn't plan on totally revamping the space combat when I started.
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