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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'll give a critique:

Lose the beam bank in the front. Swap for Dual Heavy Cannons. Lets you focus on a single weapon type, so the consoles will work better. That way, you activate the scatter volley or rapid fire and really dump cannon bolts down their throats.

In the back, dump the beam array and the 2nd (cluster?) torpedo. Keep the Har'pengh, it's a decent one to deal damage with as you're turning around/running away. Replace those with 2 turrets. that gets you another 120x2 DPS facing forward, and minimal from the sides/rear as you turn, lets you concentrate your fire into bigger hits.

For devices, I've got a random turret to drop, and then the Subspace Field Modulator (from an early Dividian mission, Skirmish I think?). Nets you nice defense for a minute, lets you hide or take a few more hits.

For Consoles:

Engineering: lose the cloak. Honestly don't think it's worth the slot, doesn't do much for me. I bought a subspace jumper off the exchange cheap, like that one. Instantly transports you behind your target, so nice way to break contact, or in a STF, avoid the giant super-kill torpedo coming to 1-shot you to death. Electro-ceramic is my other console, does Plasma and Tetryon as it's focus, and I do mainly STF, so the Borg are using all Plasma, so obvious there. Just gear the plating towards who you intend to fight. The broad spectrum ones aren't as good, but cover more.

Science: I've got the Borg Assimulated Module here, sci powers are the weakest of the group. You've got 3 Eng slots, though, maybe put it there for you. Other than that, as many Field Generators as you can put on, that's the best sci console. +17.5% shield capacity per thing. Rest are pointless compared to that.

Tac - Too much wasted here. You've got 1 phaser relay, go get more, at least 1 more. If you keep the borg device here (you shouldn't, dps is king in this game), you can only use a couple. I use the quantum zero point module to focus the quantum torp in the front, and the rest would all be phaser relays, as big and rare as you can find/afford. Don't do the +all cannon console, use the bigger boost the phaser-only one gets you.

Only other thing is that i'm in all Anti-Proton gear for the borg, but no harm in using phasers. Just pick something more specific, and then only use stuff geared JUST for that. Your Tac consoles should really just boost your all-cannon lineup, and then one for the torpedo.
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