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Re: Gotta admit, Earth Starfleet Command's not very diverse

Shall we examine.


Kirk - American Male
Spock - Vulcan Male
McCoy - American Male
Scott - British Male
Sulu - American Male
Checkov - Russian Male
Uhuru - African Female

And a few of the minor Character

Riley - Irish Male
Kyle - British Male
Rand - American Female
Chapel - American Female

So out the principal characters only 3 where American Males, while 4 where not.

Moving onto TNG

Picard - French Male
Riker - American Male
Data - Android
Troi - Betazoid Female
Worf - Klingon Male (raised on Earth in Minsk Bealrus?)
Crusher B. - Human Female Born on the Moon (According to Memory Alpha)
LaForge - Afircan Male (according to memory Alpha)

So That's 1 American Male

And onto Deep Space Nine

Sisko - American Male
O'Brein - Irish Male
Worf - See TNG Above
Dax - Trill Female
Bashir - Not Known Possible British

So that's one Americna Male

And Onto Enterprise

Archer - American Male
Trip - American Male
Reed - British Male
Mayweather - Born in Space
Hoshi - Japanese Female

So that's 2 American Males

And of course there is Voyager

Janeway - American Female
Tuvok - Vulcan Male
Kim - Not Known
Paris - American Male

I could go on, but I'm not seeing this American male bias in Starfleet, sure their might be a male bias but as for an American male bias I'm not convinced.

But isn't this more down to the fact that it's filmed in America so most of the scenes with extras in will use the local talent.
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