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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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^Nice to see the context for the cuff adjustment!

As to the full song--excellent. Simply excellent. It's obvious the filmmakers learned from their mistake of dumping "No Good About Goodbye" from QoS.

Adele does the Shirley Bassey archetype justice, my friends. Here's to an opening credit sequence to match--classic retro Bond, with silhouettes of beautiful Bond girls, with the occasional gun....

Still...I'd say an improvement would've been--drop the background singers. Bassey didn't need'em--neither does Adele.
I know what you mean about the backing singers, but I think they'll grow on me

All in all I really like it, be interesting to see how it's cut for the title sequence, and what the title sequence looks like. I doubt we'll get anything as cool as the Casino Royale titles.
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