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Re: The Genesis planet...

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What created, after the initial expansion caused by the explosion, the necessary gravimetric pull to draw all that matter back in so that Genesis could bake it so fast into a whole new living, breathing planet?
Who knows? You seemed to suggest we couldn't even speculate unless it was spelled out by canon.
We can all speculate our brains out, but that doesn't make those speculation "canon".

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Perhaps it was something built into the program?

Or, as the next film suggested, protomatter.
Something that, what?, acted as a kind of magnet, gravity sink to draw all that matter back?
How do you explain the fast cooling down - all that matter must have been under enormous pressure when it collapsed into that to-be newly formed planet.

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And if you'd read that post carefully, you'd have noticed that I wrote "could also be explained as:".
I noticed. It seemed, to me, to be the first time you were actually seeming to be open to the possibility.
No, not really.
But I've said a few times now that the movie's visuals are vague as to what happened and there is no dialogue in the film that supports or contradicts either of the two interpretation.

That things happened how they happened in the novelverse is entirely beside the point so far as on-screen "canon" is concerned. If it weren't then it could be argued that the "god" in TFF was the last trapped and left behind Shedai.
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