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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

my current little ship, need suggestions, what consoles to go for,

1 science console to replace, and I could replace one tactical console, and one engineering console but only for much better.

I've seen some of new consoles you guys have no clue what they are, if you can shade some light on these i'd appreciate. Timelord your set up, what consoles you've got there, fyre u too, Scout101 syberghost not forgetting you two either, I really need advice on what's best for my little ship, what have i missed.

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Since we're comparing ship builds, here's mine. As its name suggests, the Arbalest is designed to be an artillery ship. The USS White Star can attest to the amount of damage this ship is capable of producing.
what are these consoles with infinite symbol? They look like artillery stuff, you have two of these.
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