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Re: Ursula's fate. (Love & Monsters)

SimpleLogic wrote: View Post
Why did the Doctor think that doing that to her was a good thing? It seems like a very cruel thing to do myself. I rank it as one of his worst decisions.
Vile isn't it. It's not just that it had a blowjob joke, I thought it was a pretty horrific thing for a show children watch.
Sindatur wrote: View Post
Well, yea, I remembered that much, I just wanted to know what caused the "slab" condition.
He pointed his magic screwdriver at it.
Redfern wrote: View Post
Some viewers have concocted a fannish theory that severals aspects of the story are really just Elton's delusions. Basically, there's was no Absorbiloff, just Elton's jealous perception of Kay's character as he wooed each of his friends. When he finally swayed Ursula, Elton finally "cracked" and perceived Kay's role as some sort of "monster" who consumed his friends.

Problem is, the Doctor makes mention of the planet Clom in a later episode independent of Elton, thus cementing its reality.


Course, just mentioned a planet doesn't mean all of that happened. There could be an unreliable narrator thing going on, and we don't see the paving slab face on the camera of his video diary, for what that's worth.

Also, it's biologically impossible that someone in that condition has a functioning cognisant brain, as well as functioning senses (she doesn't have any ears for a start, so she shouldn't be able to hear anything even if anything else magically works), so you can dismiss it as Elton's fantasy on those grounds.
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