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Re: Who were considered the showrunners for each Trek series?

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Nobody has mentioned Gene Coon for TOS, who certainly seemed to be in on a lot of important decision making. I was once on a panel about Star Trek comics with Chris Claremont ("Debt of Honor" graphic novel) and he created great controversy when he told our audience that Star Trek probably lost the wrong Gene when Gene Coon left the show.
Coon was the line producer of the show from "Miri" to "Bread and Circuses." Roddenberry was the line producer before that. After Coon left, John Meredyth Lucas line produced the rest of season two (except for "Assignment: Earth," a backdoor pilot which Roddenberry line produced). Fred Freiberger assumed the role of line producer for the duration of the third season

It would be a mistake to forget Coon (and Lucas) by retroactively labeling Roddenberry the program's "showrunner." That's a contemporary term that doesn't describe the way the creative staff worked.
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