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Re: Gotta admit, Earth Starfleet Command's not very diverse

"Your world of starship captains doesn't admit women."

Janice Lester, Turnabout Intruder

And you know what is really stupid about this white males in the seats choice?


What people want is WOMEN. Erika Hernandez X 100 FILLING the seats. Gaila, Gaila and her sister Gaila. Beautiful Betazoids with their promise of naked weddings. Shelby, lots of women like Shelby. Everyone wants women. Men, obviously, want women and women also want women and yet what do we get? OLD FARTY WHITE ADMIRALS and scrawny adolescent males and the air force. The male air force. Everyone in ENT looks like they fell out of I Dream of Jeannie.

Why though, really WHY. Are there so few women when everyone wants them? I wrote JJ a letter about this, hopefully he listened and ST:XII gives us what we want.

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