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Re: Who were considered the showrunners for each Trek series?

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So Feiberger should be blamed for the lack of quality of TOS's season three?
He has been the scapegoat for the past 40-odd years, but that's really a little unfair. Just about all the writing staff from seasons 1-2 had moved on, and Roddenberry had pretty much abrogated his responsibilities to the show, not bothering to contribute substantially to the writing in season 3. So Freiberger and his story editor Arthur H. Singer had to take over the show from scratch without any guidance from their predecessors, any help in getting a handle on what the show was and how to approach it. That's not a great situation to be dropped into.
Freiberger may have not known what the show was, but according to David Gerrald, he had definite ideas about what the show was not, and those ideas often conflicted with what had already been done on the show.

Greg and/or Christopher, would Maizlish qualify as a showrunner for early TNG, seeing as how he was pretty much running things for Gene and even doing semi-authorized rewrites on scripts.
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