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Piercings are certainly your choice to do, but wow... you've got such a really beautiful face there, marred by little steel hoops (IMHO). Whatever it takes, try to do whatever is necessary to keep from getting hole scars.
Oh man, that is so insulting. I know you were trying to be nice and all, but that's just really insulting. If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
I think the piercings are wonderful.

It's her body and she can do with it whatever she pleases. It doesn't distract from her beauty at all.

When ever I see someone say something like that about a person's piercings/tattoos, I can't help to wonder if said person would be as quick to judge about another's choice of attire. "You'd be really beautiful if it wasn't for that sweater," for example.
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